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Deadwood Suicides Came in Many Forms
Throats Cut,Hanging, Leaping, Head Shots, Poison, Laudanum, Chloroform

The dearly departed were once described

To Try The Great Beyond
Anxious To Penetrate The Future
Passed Into Mysteries Of The World To Come

Deadwood 1877, "a case of suicide daily for last three days"
"One Hundred people left for the east, no money"

Moses Smith, an old miner, attempted to commit suicide yesterday, inflicting wounds upon his person that will in all probability prove fatal.
May 10, 1884
"saw him standing with an axe in his hand, swinging it over and down on his head, and the blood streaming down all over him" and "he took a large knife from his pocket and gashed his throat nearly from ear to ear".
In regard to: Smith, Moses
In regard to: Hidden Treasure Gulch

The Suicide Countdown

1893 Meyer attempts suicide.

1893 Unrequitted love causes suicide attempt.

1892 Javins fails in suicide attempt.

1892 Kinney attempts suicide.

1892 Professor Baker attempts suicide.

1892 Recovering from suicide attempt.

1891 Inmate tries to commit suicide.

1890 Brucker commits suicide.

1890 Cook commits suicide.

1890 Former Gem belle commits suicide.

1890 Steret commits suicide.

1888 Double suicide in the Bad Lands.

1888 Manning suicide suspect.

1888 Possible suicide J.F. Hummell.

1888 Sturgis woman commits suicide.

1887 "Big Mag" attempts suicide.

1887 Dr. Scott commits suicide.

1887 Mrs. Trudell attempts suicide.

1886 Attempted suicide identified.

1886 Carlyon commits suicide.

1886 Lindner attempted suicide.

1886 McCrimmins suicide.

1886 Mrs. Kountz commits suicide.

1886 Nothing new in Lindner suicide.

1885 Chapman commits suicide.

1885 Death by suicide.

1885 Dougherty commits suicide.

1885 Farmer commits suicide.

1884 Grand jury investigates suicide.

1884 Lead chronicles first suicide.

1885 Mrs. Gidley commits suicide.

1885 Probable suicide.

1885 Silvan dies under suspicion of suicide.

1884 Accident or suicide.

1884 Ahrens attempts suicide.

1884 Charles White found dead after having committed suicide

1884 Eli R. Perry committed suicide yesterday

1884 John Riley commits suicide.

1884 Moses Smith, an old miner, attempted to committed suicide

1884 Peterson commits suicide.

1884 Peterson suicide confirmed.

1884 Pvt. Bade commits suicide.

1884 Ritterling victim of suicide or murder.

1884 Smith returns to home after suicide attempt.

1884 Testimony by Dr. Rogers regarding the suicide

1884 Travis arrested for forgery and attempted suicide

1883 Attempted suicide, cut throat with pocket knife

1883 Attempted to commit suicide at Grand Central Hotel

1883 Coroners jury finds death by suicide, buried

1883 Coroners jury for E. Allen Lewis, suicide

1883 Death, age 40, suicide by hanging,

1883 Death, age 24, suicide, shot self when girl rebuked

1883 Death, alias Hogan, suicide, born orator

1883 Speedy recovery assured, doesn't remember suicide

1883 Staying with Brochers when he committed suicide

1883 Telephoned news of another suicide, hanging

1883 Walsh attempted to commit suicide at Grand Central House

1882 Death, suicide, on way to join husband

1882 Death, 35, fell in shaft, suicide or accident

1882 Death was suicide, age 32, jumped to death

1882 Death, suicide, blew off top of head, 75 or 80

1882 Death, suicide, shot self in head, about 35

1882 Death, suicide, shot himself, at Tigerville

1882 Notified Times of Wade's suicide at Queen Bee

1882 Now Mrs James Arthur, did not commit suicide

1881 Arrested for pilfering clothing, commits suicide

1881 Became the bride of death by committing suicide

1881 Children of suicide victim get help from citizens

1881 Daughter of Linon attempts suicide with poison

1881 Daughter, Mrs. Hubbell, attempts suicide

1881 Death, commits suicide by chewing poisoned tobacco

1881 Doctor does not think Anderson committed suicide

1881 Ex-Black Hiller commits suicide in Colorado

1881 Family of suicide victim Lewis moves into his house

1881 Family of suicide victim sends letter to Track

1881 Ferguson visited her before suicide attempt

1881 He might be reason for Kitty Conway's suicide

1881 Jury says he did not commit suicide

1881 Jury says Bird's death was murder not suicide

1881 Letter from suicide victim Berlin's family

1881 New York lad found dead in room, possible suicide

1881 Saved Ferguson from suicide attempt

1881 Says Lanstorm was a plain case of suicide

1881 Several laudanum vials found, no doubt a suicide

1881 Telegram from Fanshawe, suicide at Ft. Meade

1881 Tells what he knew of suicide victim Lanstorm

1881 Why does suicide prevail in new mining camps?

1881 Wife attempts suicide in state of temporary insanity

1881 Wife of suicide victim broken down with grief

1881 Woman who attempted suicide is improving

1881 Woods suspected his suicide attempt

1880 Attempted suicide by taking laudnum, Dr interrupted

1880 Attempted suicide, in very precarious condition

1880 Coroners jury judged Stuarts death to be a suicide

1880 Death, committed suicide, died penniless

1880 Dr spoiled the plans of the would-be suicide

1880 Prepares to commit suicide if dull times continue

1880 Prince arrested on wife's complaint, tried suicide

1880 Van Daniker dies penniless at Leadville, suicide

1879 Black Hiller attempts suicide at Cheyenne

1879 Death, appears to be suicide

1879 Death, suicide in Calif, to try the great beyond

1879 Second attempt at suicide failed, at Leadville

1879 Story of suicide with sissors incorrect, accident

1878 Accidental shooting or suicide attempt?

1878 Anxious to penetrate the future, attempts suicide

1878 Attempted to committ suicide by cutting wrist

1878 Attempted suicide with laudanum

1878 Attempted suicide in Damon and Mauss store

1878 Attempt at suicide not a successful one

1878 Barely laid to rest, Mrs Wallace tries suicide

1878 Body found was a suicide, Walter Whitton last

1878 Body, judged to be a suicide a year ago, dug up

1878 Charles Mauss, after suicide attempt, recovered

1878 Commits suicide on Jan 30

1878 Committed suicide by taking laudanum

1878 Coroners verdict, shot killed him, suicide

1878 Death, 31 yrs old, rather suicide or homicide

1878 Death, found dead in bed, suicide or murder?

1878 Death, suicide by shooting self in head, tail

1878 Demi Monde of Central tried to commit suicide

1878 Dr fixed Bannon's arm after attempted suicide

1878 E.A. Watson committed suicide at Hazen IXL

1878 Examines remains, identifies body as suicide

1878 Man who attempted suicide, back to work at mine

1878 Mysterious disappearance, suicide feared

1878 Recovering from his attempt at suicide

1878 Remains of suicide are still here, no word yet

1878 Reports Bannon recovering well from suicide a

1878 The suicide manta

1878 Was with Mrs Wallace when she attempted suicide

1878 Woman who attempted suicide, said to be without

1878 Woman attempted to commit suicide, Fields prevented

1877 Arnold, Kitty, Emma Worth committed suicide

1877 Deadwood case of suicide daily for last 3 days

1877 Deadwood suicide, law, penal code of the Territory

1877 Death, suicide, shot through the heart

1877 Death, Dr commits suicide by inhaling chloroform

1877 Doyle, Charles J. shot himself, suicide

1877 Neilson, Ole committed suicide by shooting himself

1877 Whitty, Walter suicide, because of poverty

1877 Worth, Emma committed suicide at Kitty Arnolds

Dwyer and Odell Deadwood Gambling Establishment
Romeo Charles Dwyer and Jack Odell Proprietors

Double Suicide in the Badlands